Holland Water enters into distribution agreement in Middle-East

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Driebergen, 23 October 2017

Culligan Middle East FZE new partner in United Arab Emirates region
Holland Water enters into distribution agreement in Middle-East


Today (23 October), Holland Water from Driebergen, the Netherlands, market leader in the field of Legionella control, is entering into a cooperation agreement with Culligan Middle East FZE, specialist in water treatment equipment in the UAE region. The signing is taking place in Dubai, where Holland Water is present in the Holland Pavilion at the Wetex-exhibition. By entering into the agreement, Culligan is now Holland Water’s representative in the region.

That the company is represented at the exhibition, directly stems from their win of the Orange Trade Mission Fund prize 2016. In Dubai, Holland Water is actively supported by the Dutch consulate and the embassy. Likewise, representatives of the Orange Trade Mission Fund are also attending.

Holland Water is active in a number of European countries, but the UAE is the first step outside of the EU. The market offers many more opportunities for Holland Water as market leader in the field of copper- silver ionisation. The climatic conditions in the region enhance the risk of Legionella contamination. In addition, there is a high need for water treatment equipment in general and specifically Legionella control techniques because of the fast economic developments. After diligent research, Holland Water has concluded that capitalising on the chances in the UAE market requires a thorough approach.

“Throughout the conversations with potential partners, we soon arrived on the same wavelength as Culligan, the leading supplier of water treatment equipment in the UAE region”, says Leo de Zeeuw, managing director at Holland Water. “Just like ourselves, they were looking for stability and continuity, as these form the basis for building a sustainable partnership. It was also not unimportant that we were clear in our market approach and that made the difference in Culligan being convinced of our quality level and our innovative capacity.”

In the past, Culligan has had experiences with competing copper- silver ionisation systems from the Netherlands, England, and USA/Canada. “Our new partner has now also arrived at the conclusion that our Bifipro® product is state-of-the-art when it comes to quality”, according to De Zeeuw. From her regional head office in Dubai, Culligan tends to the GCC region (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi) and has over 300 employees.

De Zeeuw: “It means a lot to us that Culligan has made the conscious choice for Holland Water. We therefore take this cooperation very seriously. Last month, we worked together during the FMExpo here in Dubai and we will be joining forces in the future as well in order to leave a quality impression of our technique on the market”, emphasises Holland Water’s managing director.

The first results of the partnership with Culligan are already apparent. Culligan and Holland Water enjoy growing success in increasing the installed base at prestigious UAE clients. “But a challenge is that this market isn’t always aware of what the quality- and performance parameters are for good and structural Legionella control techniques”, notices Holland Water’s managing director. “That’s why our partnership with Culligan is so valuable, as together we will be able to make an impact on policy makers and other stakeholders in order to increase the level of awareness”, says De Zeeuw. “We are explicitly not here for the short term and the prospects for the long term are very promising.”


For further information: Holland Water, Leo de Zeeuw, 0031 343 475 090 / 0031 6 200 071 90 or leodezeeuw@hollandwater.com.


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