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Going Global

— Made in Holland

“Two decades ago we set out to develop the very best anti-legionella watertech. We’ve done this with purpose and precision, and never stopped fine-tuning.
Now we have a new goal: to distribute our superior systems across the globe.”

Rogier van den Brink, CEO Holland Water

We’d love to work with you

Holland Water invites high-calibre providers of building (water) management services – from any country in the world – to become a national or regional distributor of HW Watertech Systems.

“Selected distributors are offered the opportunity to expand their product portfolio with unique water technology without needing to invest 20 years of painstaking research and development. What we expect in return is dedication, both in terms of commercial focus and quality control."

Peter van der Linde, Global Business Development

Keen to learn more about becoming an HW Distributor?

Please contact our Global Sales team for more information
via: or +31(0)343475090.

What it’s like to distribute
HW Watertech Systems

1. Easy to Onboard

  • Dedicated onboarding coordinator
  • Certified training programme
  • Product brand pack and spare parts kit

2. Easy to Sell

  • Highly effective legionella control systems
  • Eco-friendly and cost-efficient systems
  • No-hassle system operations

3. Easy to Install

  • Assembling by HW or distributor
  • Plug ‘n play mounting on wall or stand
  • Same-day activation

4. Easy to Operate

  • Automatic dynamic water treatment
  • Remote system monitoring
  • 3rd line system support from HW (conditions apply)

5. Easy to Maintain

  • Steady maintenance schedule
  • Simple electrode cleaning and replacement
  • 4 year guarantee on parts from HW (conditions apply)

6. Easy to Earn

  • One-off revenue from sales of systems
  • Discount ratchet on wholesale prices
  • Recurring revenue from maintenance and consumables

“We take pride in onboarding our new partners in a diligent and timely manner. Our main objective is to give the distributors all the tools they need to independently sell, install, operate and maintain the HW Watertech Systems in their respective territory. After all: if you’re successful, we’re successful.”

Martijn Gunther Moor, Head of Support Services

Holland Water —
your Watertech partner

  • Founded in 2003 by watertech pioneer Leo de Zeeuw
  • Two decades of R&D, product refinement, outstanding legionella control results and nihil churn
  • Flagship system: HW Bifipro® - proprietary copper and silver ionisation technology (CSI)
  • EMEA market leader in legionella-abating technology

Trusted by Many

Keen to learn more about becoming an HW Distributor?

Please contact our Global Sales team for more information
via: or +31(0)343475090.