Cooling towers Schiphol will be supplied with Bifipro® systems

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Huge order for Holland Water at Schiphol Airport

Holland Water will be supplying Schiphol Airport with Bifipro® Cool systems. The technique in these systems is, partially based on conclusions from the independent research firm DWA, classified as ‘best available technology’ to keep cooling towers free of biofilm, Legionella, scaling, and corrosion. The cooling towers are optimally protected and managed without adding harmful chemicals and with minimal water consumption.

Holland Water, market leader with her technique in Legionella prevention in Europe and the Middle-East, has acquired the commission via Engie Services, technical service provider and energy supplier at Schiphol. In the airport’s passenger terminals a total of thirteen cooling towers will be supplied with the Bifipro® Cool systems in order to guarantee safe water for travellers and employees at Schiphol.

The Bifipro® Cool system is based on the technique of copper- silver ionisation that is employed at over 500 locations by Holland Water in both cooling and potable water installations. At Schiphol the system will also be employed to prevent the development of biofilm and Legionella growth. The technique, that has actually been around for centuries, was further developed by Holland Water to an extremely specific approach to prevent Legionella around fifteen years ago. Initially the focus lay on the application of the Bifipro® for potable water, in recent years however, there has been a growing interest in the application of the system for cooling towers. Many companies are placing increasing attention on the environment and sustainability and want to eliminate the need for harmful chemicals.


This is also applicable for Schiphol, where ‘sustainability’ is key for determining the future. It must be greener, as can also be read in the annual report. Schiphol wants to stay ahead with sustainable solutions and has been intrigued by the Bifipro® technique for quite some time now. Holland Water’s no-nonsense approach, effectiveness of the technique, and cost efficiency have been of crucial importance. That this technology is now also listed on the Environment Investment Deduction list (Mia), does not only highlight this, but also includes an appealing tax advantage.

Proven technique

Schiphol has also conducted extensive research on reference projects. The Bifipro® Cool system has been employed at numerous end users such as hospitals, the food industry, and office buildings since 2006. Not only that, but the airport extensively tested the technique during the first phase: the results of which were exceptionally positive. Aside from effectiveness and efficiency, user-friendliness and environmental benefits also played an important role. The Bifipro® Cool system contributes to making Schiphol an even more sustainable airport.

‘Take-off Bifipro® Cool’

Leo de Zeeuw, managing director at Holland Water, labelled the order ‘a huge boost, a take-off’ for his company. “Even though we have supplied cooling towers at a variety of locations with the Bifipro® Cool systems, Schiphol is really the cherry on top for us”, he claims. “We have worked at this order for years and it is nice to experience that both Schiphol and Engie have decided on us. Schiphol obviously speaks to everyone’s imagination and often serves as an example for other companies and other countries. We are therefore expecting that this will be a permanent breakthrough for our unique and environmentally friendly technique.” 

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