About Holland Water

Holland Water has developed a unique water treatment system based on copper- silver ionisation with which Legionella is defeated. Holland Water has brought copper- silver ionisation to a higher level and is constantly working on improving her products. Our focus lies with potable, cool and process water applications. We resolve biofilm, Legionella and other bacterial problems once and for all. Adjusting installations, unexpected Legionella outbreaks and unforeseen costs are all matters of the past, thanks to the use of the Bifipro® system. That as a result of the Bifipro® major savings on energy and water costs can be made, is a nice bonus.

Holland Water supplies systems, at national and international level, to hospitals, residential care centres, hotels, and holiday parks. In the Netherlands we have our own service devices and abroad we select the most professional distributors who work with us as partners according to the same norms and values in order to provide the safest water to their clients.

The Bifipro® System


Holland Water contributes to a better world by providing sustainable solutions with which safe water can be guaranteed and water and energy savings can be made. We want to supply every installation that causes biofilm and thus, Legionella problems with our Bifipro®.


With the best possible sustainable technique, Holland Water provides the most efficient solution to preventing biofilm and Legionella in water systems, world-wide. We provide our clients with optimal service and eliminate concerns in regards to Legionella in a principled, professional and sustainable manner.


From our position as market leader in the Dutch copper- silver ionisation market, we are constantly placing more focus on international markets. Outside the Netherlands, we work together with carefully selected distribution partners. We constantly invest in their training and knowledge development in order to guarantee the quality and service to our clients, irrespective of where they are located.


The Bifipro® can rightfully be called the most professional and innovative copper- silver ionisation system. Thanks to the employment of separate copper and silver electrodes, precision flowmeters and the one of a kind Holland Water technique, copper and silver are highly accurately dosed. The patented current control ensures that the electrodes do not dirty quickly and that they work highly efficiently for an extended period of time. Where applicable, we employ a sensor with which the copper and silver concentrations can accurately be followed. A unique sensor that was developed in Holland Water’s own laboratory. Every system is put

together by our own experienced personnel in our workshop and is custom made, tested, installed, and maintained per project. The monitoring is also performed from our monitoring centre in Driebergen, the Netherlands.


  • Chemical free treatment
  • Safe for people and the environment
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long durability
  • No formation of harmful by-products
  • Water conserving due to lowering flushing frequency
  • Energy conserving due to lowering temperature
  • No risky operations for your employees
  • Copper and silver concentrations can be measured online with the Silco® Sensor

“Holland Water readily supplies a contribution to the reducing of the water footprint and to the quality of potable and process water.”

Silco® Sensor

For many years now, Holland Water has been involved in new developments in the water sector. We constantly partake in projects in which innovation is key. The past years, we have been taking part in an extensive European study for the development of new sensor techniques. As a result of this, Holland Water has developed the Silco® Sensor, which is proving its worth in cooling towers and complex potable water systems, both at national and international level.


The Silco® Sensor analyses copper and silver ions in both potable and cooling water. With the same precision as advanced laboratory equipment, the Silco®

Sensor measures the exact amounts of copper and silver ions that are added to the water. The sensor is mostly employed as a handheld and can therefore function as a control-instrument. But the sensor can also be installed in the so-called ‘flow cell’. With this, it can be measured which amounts of copper and silver ions are found in the water at any given location in a potable or cooling water installation.

The Silco® Sensor can also be rendered suitable to measure other metals and compounds –such as phosphate and nitrate. This innovation will further contribute to the even more efficient application of the Bifipro® systems against biofilm and Legionella growth.


Holland Water views collaborations with suppliers, consultancy firms, laboratories, installation companies, contractors, and interest groups as the key to success.

With the growth that Holland Water has experienced in the past 15 years, such collaborations have become even more evident. This is a trend that we significantly stimulate and that is an active part of our company philosophy and strategy.

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