About Holland Water

Holland Water supplies sustainable solutions for safe water. Our one passion is to provide a solution for anyone who is struggling with biofilm and consequent Legionella issues in their water system. As a leading supplier of copper silver ionisation systems for both drinking water and cooling towers in The Netherlands, we never sit still. We have successfully increased our domestic market and are expanding internationally. We fight Legionella across borders. Holland Water wants to make water safer across the world.

Holland Water differs in many respects from others.

  • Did you know that …
  • The Bifipro® system works with separate copper and silver electrodes.
  • Holland Water is the only supplier in The Netherlands that has fully developed its copper silver ionisation system, Bifipro®, in-house and assembles, installs, maintains and monitors it itself.
  • Holland Water operates in The Netherlands independently of consultants and installers.
  • Holland Water supports a full R&D department pursuing continuous development and improvement in the Bifipro® and monitoring systems.
  • Holland Water is the only supplier that has demonstrated through empirical trials to the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment that its system is effective at keeping water supply installation free of biofilm and Legionella under a two week flushing regime and with core temperatures reduced to 50°. Consequently water supplies fitted with the Bifipro® may be certified to operate at reduced core temperatures.

Our Ultimate Solution

The chance of human infection by Legionella (What is Legionella?) may be small, but the risk of contamination of water supply by the Legionella bacteria is high in many everyday places. Buildings at risk include hotels, hospitals, care homes and similar buildings with complex water supply systems and multiple tap and shower points. Fountains and misting systems that produce aerosols and sprays are also ready ways of spreading Legionella through the air. Consequently there are strict rules for operators of water supply systems in buildings where many people stay or visit.

As an independent supplier and recognised leader we are continually looking for solutions to the various contamination issues presented to us. A common thread is that all too often only partial solutions are applied, leading to a high cost in terms of time and failure to eradicate the Legionella contamination. We have only one interest at Holland Water, and that is to resolve your Legionella problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Building on our extensive experiences, we are able to offer a well-structured, effective and economic solution from our offices in Driebergen and Drachten.

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Professionals choose Bifipro®

Het Bifipro® systeem verovert inmiddels ook internationale markten.


Holland Water contributes to a better world by providing sustainable solutions through which safe water can be secured, and water and energy can be saved. We want to install our Bifipro® in every water installation that suffers from biofilm and consequent Legionella problems.


Holland Water offers the most effective sustainable technology for combating biofilm and legionella in water supply systems. We offer our customers the best service in a professional way, and seek to remove their concerns for legionella. Holland Water innovates in order to apply the best technology, and ensure high service standards.


From our position as a leader in the Dutch copper silver ionisation market, we seek also to serve overseas requirements. Following a number of successful installations in Belgium and Italy, Holland Water is now seeking wider expansion in Europe and The Middle East. We seek to do this with a strong focus on maintaining high service levels and ensuring effectiveness of our installed systems. This is achieved by spending considerable time in training our distribution and installation partners, and in explaining the challenges of managing legionella to customers, rather than purely on sale of the Bifipro® systems itself. This approach is unique to Holland Water!

Reducing the Water Footprint

The rapidly increasing scarcity of clean water is one of the great global challenges of our age. Clean water is directly related to our health. Holland Water can not only support provision of clean water, but also, through avoidance of thermal or chemical purging of water systems, save water and energy. Reduction of the water footprint is one of our sustainability targets.

Bifipro® is a sustainable solution because:

  • No chlorinated substances or harmful chemicals are needed.
  • Flushing of pipes is required less often, saving water.
  • Core temperature of hot water supply systems can be reduced, saving energy.

“Holland Water seeks to contribute to reduction of mankind’s water footprint and improvement in the quality of drinking and process water.”

Silco sensor

Holland Water has for many years worked in new developments in the field of water management. We regularly participate in innovation projects, and have over the last few years been part of an EU supported development of new sensor technologies. As a result Holland Water has developed the Silco Sensor for in-line detection of copper and silver levels in water. This has proved its worth in complex cooling towers and drinking water systems.

Holland Water has been an active participant in a project led by the Province of Friesland to investigate how biofilm development could be measured, and enabling further testing of the Silco Sensor.

Currently we are in an advanced stage of development of a special sensor to measure water hardness. This is designed for use alongside our Bifipro® Cool system for cooling towers to support improved monitoring and adjustment of dosing requirements.

The Silco Sensor can also be adapted for measurement of other parameters in addition to copper and silver.

“Detailed statistical analyses, building on data that we have collected, provide a wealth of information that enable us to carry out a wide range of trials and experiments”.

Peter van der Linde, Holland Water

Reinforcing Each Other

Holland Water views partnership – with suppliers, consultants, laboratories, installers, contractors and facility managers, and international distributors – as central to success.

We invest a lot of time and energy in training and knowledge development to ensure that our customers can therefore make informed decisions as to how to combat or prevent legionella contamination.

Cooperation with partners has become more important in continuing the growth that Holland Water has sustained over the past 13 years – a trend that we actively promote as part of our philosophy and strategy.

“We like to work together with other parties, from suppliers to consultants and international partners to laboratories. Our goal is to reinforce each other.”

James Gardiner, Director