Refill, reuse and reduce with safe water

Laura Schotte News item

Refill, reuse and reduce with safe water, that is Join the Pipe and Holland Water’s combined mission. Join the Pipe’s refill, reuse and reduce mentality is first and foremost facilitated by their sustainable water bottles and tapping points. Holland Water’s safe water promise allows for the water in these tapping points to be entirely free from bacteria.

This interplay between the organisations could not be a better fit. The dream to provide safe drinking water around the world is a dream shared by both and is felt by each and every director, manager, engineer, and staff throughout the organisations.

To make this dream a reality, the organisations have been joining forces as much as possible, especially in recent months. The WETEX has been attended by Holland Water for three consecutive years now, an exhibition where Dutch Dubai also has a tremendously inspiring influence. This year, Join the Pipe exhibited their reusable water bottles alongside Holland Water’s Legionella treatment system. An even stronger joint presence however, is at the current Aquatech event in Amsterdam. Visitors are free to collect their reusable water bottle and fill up on safe water from the tapping point.

Want to know more about this outstanding collaboration? The Holland Water and Join the Pipe team is ready to include you in their dream at the Aquatech until this Friday.