Potable Water

The Bifipro® System

Over the past 15 years, the Bifipro® has become the ultimate system to eliminate biofilm and Legionella in potable and cooling water (wet cooling towers). The system very accurately doses the required amounts of copper and silver ions to every litre of water. The added concentrations are well below the permitted standards. Holland Water is the market leader in the field of copper- silver ionisation with over 500 systems operational. Holland Water is the only supplier in the Netherlands that has a Ctgb approval for the application of copper- silver ionisation in potable and cooling water.

The Bifipro® Cool System


Cooling tower treatment with the Bifipro® Cool system

The Bifipro® Cool system is built up of industrial components. With precision flowmeters, patented current control, separate copper and silver electrodes, and online monitoring the required amounts of copper and silver ions are added to the suppletion water. The dosed concentrations are safe for people and the environment and are effective against biofilm and Legionella formation. The Bifipro® Cool can be described as a compleet water treatment technique that covers biofilm, Legionella, and corrosion and scaling control.

Silco® Sensor

The Development of the Silco® Sensor

For many years now, Holland Water has been involved in new developments in the water sector. We constantly partake in projects in which innovation is key. The past years, we have been taking part in an extensive European study for the development of new sensor techniques. As a result of this, Holland Water has developed the Silco® Sensor, which is proving its worth in cooling towers and complex potable water systems, both at national and international level.


Practice has shown that around 20% of the buildings and installations classified as “Legionella vulnerable” will indeed be confronted with a Legionella contamination at a given time. As soon as a reoccurring structural form of contamination is apparent, we can predict that …

Possible Solutions

The Bifipro® system eliminates biofilm and Legionella in your installation with the help of the copper- silver ionisation technique. Are you looking for an objective overview and comparison between different alternative techniques for potable water?


From our position as market leader in the Dutch copper- silver ionisation market, we are constantly placing more focus on international markets. Outside the Netherlands, we work together with carefully selected distribution partners. We constantly invest in training and knowledge development in order to guarantee the quality and service to our clients, irrespective of where they are located.

Legislation and Certifications

In the Netherlands, the Bifipro® can (still) only be used at locations which are labelled as ‘priority’ locations and which have a structural Legionella problem. In very specific cases we can ensure that the Bifipro® is also approved for use at non-priority locations. The Bifipro® system that is used for cooling towers can always be employed.

Before the installation of a Bifipro® system for potable water, a BRL 6010 certified consultancy firm must write up a so-called ‘motivation letter’. This letter must indicate why the concerning consultant’s verdict is to opt for copper- silver ionisation. A motivation letter to facilitate installation can also be written from cost-efficient grounds. A good and independent consultant will do this, however there are also those who will not be quick to provide a positive advice for copper- silver ionisation under the guise of ‘legislation’.

Holland Water’s Bifipro® is developed in our own laboratory. The system complies with the strict Dutch water piping norms. In 2010 our Bifpro® system, as the first system in the

Netherlands, was approved by the Dutch Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb) for proper working, health and safety, and allowed environmental impact for potable and cooling water. The Bifipro® is certified by Kiwa according to BRL-K14010-2/01 (including ATA), with certificate number K73951/04. The Bifipro® system is the only copper- silver ionisation system in the Netherlands that has a Ctgb admission for employment on cooling towers.

Holland Water naturally also complies with international laws and regulations. Aside from our internationally recognised certificates and approvals, we always aim to supply the Bifpro® system with local certificates and approvals. Holland Water is closely involved with legal developments for Legionella prevention and copper- silver ionisation, both in and outside of Europe. Working together towards a future where everyone can be supplied with safe water, that is where our focus lies.

Service and Monitoring

Aside from the continuous online monitoring and control of the system, Holland Water operates with its own team of Service Engineers in the Benelux, who perform quarterly maintenance on the Bifipro® systems. In the other countries where Bifipro® equipment is operational, the maintenance activities are performed by the local distribution partner.

‘Status reports’ are provided periodically, in which it is clearly summarised what the status quo is and which measures are advised. In this process, there are close collaborations with our clients, their consultants and/or laboratories.