The Technology

The Bifipro® may justifiable be cited as the most advanced copper silverionisation system available.

This is due to the use of separate copper and silver electrodes, high accuracy flow meters, and Holland Water’s patented power control system. These combine to enable very accurate dosing of copper and silver according to flow rate, and ensure that scaling on the electrodes is minimised thereby extending effectiveness for a longer period of time.

When required we can place a sensor in the system to measure directly the concentrations of copper and silver in the water. This is a unique sensor, developed by Holland Water in our own laboratory.

Every system is assembled and tested in house and then installed and maintained by our own experienced engineers against a site specific specification. Monitoring is carried out from our centre in Driebergen in The Netherlands.

Legislation and Certification

Currently, in the Netherlands, the Bifipro® system is only allowed to be installed in so called “priority buildings” and that have proven and recurring contamination by legionella. This requires a BRL 6010 certified consultant to write a cover letter explaining why in his opinion a copper silver ionisation system is appropriate and providing technical and cost justification. A good independent consultant will do this, although some consultants or installers will recommend other less durable solutions on regulatory grounds or immediacy of impact. In very specific cases we are able to arrange that permission to install a Bifipro® system is granted on non-priority buildings in The Netherlands.

Holland Water will always provide objective advice, and understands when a fast installation will ultimately lead to lasting control of legionella. We seek one outcome: to make the system Legionella free as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Holland Water’s Bifipro® system has been developed in our own laboratory to meet the stringent Dutch water standards, and is suitable for all types of drinking and process water.

Our Bifipro® has been approved for use by the Dutch Ctgb (Board for Authorisation of Pesticides and Biocides) since 2010 – the first such copper silver ionisation system to be approved for use in The Netherlands – as well as having effectiveness in operation, health and safety, and environmental approval from Kiwa (certificate number K73951 / 01 under BRL-K14010-2 / 01 including ATA regulations for alternative technologies for prevention of Legionella). The Bifipro® is the only copper silver ionisation system in The Netherlands with Ctgb approval for use in cooling towers.

The Bifipro® is also approved for use in the UK by the Health and Safety Executive and for use in Ireland by the Irish Department of Agriculture. A permit for the Belgian market has been granted by the Belgian “Hoge Gezondheidsraad” or Health Board.

The Dutch Ctgb approval was the precursor to the current European Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, EU regulation 528/2012). This regulation governs the placing on the market and use of biocides used to protect people, animals, materials or other objects against harmful organisms such as bacteria by the action of active substances in the biocide. Holland Water fully complies with all applicable European legal requirements.