Holland Water supplies Bifipro® systems for Legionella control in Abu Dhabi

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‘We gladly contribute to the creation of Masdar City as the most sustainable city in the world’

Holland Water from Driebergen, the Netherlands and her partner Culligan in the United Arab Emirates, have jointly succeeded in securing an order for the supply, installation, maintenance, and monitoring of eight Bifipro® systems for the Legionella control at Masdar City in the Emirate, Abu Dhabi. With help from the most advanced technologies, the local government wants to make the new city Masdar City the most sustainable city in the world. The Bifipro® systems are employed to treat the water for a number of large objects in this special city in Abu Dhabi.

Parties from all over the world were in the running for this prestigious order. The client did not only pay close attention to the quality of the systems and potential suppliers when making his decision. The ‘best available technology’ also had to be employed and Holland Water’s system seemed to meet this requirement. Aside from the Bifipro® system adding extremely accurate and low concentrations of copper and silver ions to the water, these systems can also be equipped with Silco® sensors. This ensures that the concentrations in the water can be measured at any given time. A novelty that has been developed by Holland Water in recent years, together with, among others, financial support from the European Commission and technical knowhow from the Centre of Water Expertise in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. “Legionella proves difficult to eliminate and in recent years, partially due to climate change, there appears to be an increase in contaminations, also in the Netherlands”, says Leo de Zeeuw, Managing Director at Holland Water. “Hot periods such as we have recently experienced will only increase this problem. Our innovative Dutch approach can therefore provide a positive contribution throughout to solve this problem.”

Masdar City is a unique project where the most sustainable technologies in the world have been brought together. This not only to create the most sustainable city in the world, but also to stimulate the use of the sustainable technologies in other parts of the world. Around ten years ago, the initiative for the development of this city was taken by the government of Abu Dhabi who, via an investment fund, are taking responsibility of a large amount of the development. Another part of the investment is provided by private investors and businesses.

Exemplary project
Abu Dhabi wants to profile itself as a green role model in the UAE region. According to the emirate, green technology will be an important source of income in the future. It is therefore making a gradual transition from an economy that runs on oil dollars to an economy position based on knowledge and innovation. Holland Water is proud to play a role in this exemplary project with her innovative systems. “Of course we gladly contribute to the creation of Masdar City as the most sustainable city in the world”, says De Zeeuw.

“Together with our partner Culligan, we have already realised a number of prominent projects in the region, such as Dubai Mall Boulevard, Dubai World Trade Centre, and in the new buildings for Emirates Catering, but this particular order is extremely special”, says De Zeeuw. “In the Emirates our systems are enormously appreciated and are already seen as ‘top of the bill’. That the Bifipro® systems will soon also be operational in the most sustainable city in the world, obviously makes us all the more happy. Especially because we are convinced that we can have a huge contribution to the creation of sustainable buildings. And not just in Europe.”

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