Holland Water organises second ‘Polish Mission’ at the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw

Laura Schotte Nieuwsbericht

The ‘Polish Mission’ is an initiative originating from the partnership between Holland Water and Blue-Fifty Polska.

Blue-Fifty Polska is Holland Water’s local distribution partner and supplies the Bifipro® system for legionella and biofilm control to the Polish market. After years of successful collaborations, both parties realised that there was much more potential in this market. Their Polish clients, primarily care facilities and hospitals, were eager to learn about Holland Water’s technique of copper and silver ionisation. Not only did they want to know everything about the Bifipro® system, but also about how we guarantee water safety in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands. In addition, those with the final responsibility in hospitals appeared especially interested in Dutch legislation within this field. Moreover, they would like to become familiar with other Dutch technologies and businesses.

Consequently, Holland Water’s Leo de Zeeuw opened up lines of communication with the International Federation of Healthcare Engineering (IFHE). Holland Water has namely been a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Technologie in de Gezondheidszorg (NVTG), the Dutch branch of the IFHE, for a long time now. This organisation also saw great potential in the Polish healthcare sector. An initial ‘mission’ was soon set in motion and around 20 Polish hospital directors visited numerous Dutch hospitals and attended conferences in March 2019.

The Polish Mission’s primary goal is knowledge exchange in the healthcare sector. In this sector it is crucial that decision makers learn about new developments in order to provide their patients with the best possible care. Additionally, there is a need to handle the often limited budgets in this sector in an informed manner.

The first mission was a tremendous success and the second mission in November 2019 was approached even more elaborately, this time at the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw. The mission was opened by the First Embassy Secretary, Martin van Buuren, and visitors attended numerous presentations by experts. Jakub Siudyla, sales manager at Blue-Fifty Polska, presented the Bifipro® technique to the audience on behalf of Holland Water. Thanks to precise status reports from Polish locations where the system has been installed for some time now, Siudyla was able to sketch the effectiveness of the Bifipro®. The second speaker who addressed the Bifipro® system was Christophe Allaert from the AZ Damiaan Hospital in Oostende, Belgium. Thanks to Holland Water’s system, this hospital not only prevents legionella issues, but around € 30.000,00 per year are saved on their energy consumption due to the lowering of the hot water tap temperature.

Aside from legionella treatment and sustainable energy consumption, Philips, Pharmafilter, System Air, Walvin, and local hospital directors spoke about how they develop technology in the healthcare sector. In response to the speakers’ presentations, there was not only a knowledge exchange, but contracts for collaborations and legionella treatment with the Bifipro® system were agreed upon. The mission was concluded with a visit to the Mazovische Drewnica hospital, a psychiatric hospital that has recently been built, partly with support from the European commission.

The third mission has already been planned for March 2020, this time again in the Netherlands. The goal is to organise the missions at least twice a year, both in the Netherlands and in Poland. Not even De Zeeuw and Siudyla could have imagined how meaningful their partnership would be, not only for Holland Water and Blue-Fifty Polska, but more importantly for the Polish healthcare sector.