Holland Water nominated for the NBC 2020 Awards

Laura Schotte Nieuwsbericht

Holland Water is nominated for the Boskalis Water Award from the Netherlands Business Council (NBC). This year, the award is being issued in light of the Expo 2020 in the United Arab Emirates. After two extensive selection rounds Holland Water has made the shortlist, together with Groasis and Hydraloop. The award will be presented to the company with the most innovative, proven technology in the field of water management with international growth potential.

Holland Water’s nomination is for the patented Bifipro® system that based on the technique of copper and silver ionisation (CSI) ensures that biofilm and legionella are eliminated from potable and cooling water systems. During Holland Water’s assessment, the system was critically reviewed based on technical, sustainable, economical, and social aspects.

The patented Bifipro® system has the most effective and constant operation unlike traditional (chemical) methods such as chlorine and UV. The Bifipro® system operates totally chemical free. Together with providing safe water, protecting both people and the environment is of the utmost priority.

In addition, significant energy savings are realised with the system. Thanks to the exceptionally effective operation of CSI, mandatory flushing of the water pipes can be completed at lower temperatures. This not only facilitates the location’s sustainable practices, but the client’s ROI is also extremely favourable as a result.

Holland Water sees a 30 – 50% annual growth in the number of supplied Bifipro® systems. This is not only apparent in the national, but also the international market. This growth allows for more and more people to be protected from the fatal legionella disease. Because of this, Holland Water can expand the social care and responsibility that they employ in the Netherlands to other countries, such as the United Arab Emirates.

Since 2016, Holland Water has supplied almost 100 systems to the United Arab Emirates. Locations that are therefore provided with safe water are Masdar City, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai-I, Emirates Catering, and Dubai Mall, to name a few. Honouring the Expo 2020 with the Boskalis Water Award is the cherry on top for Holland Water as 25 Bifipro® systems have been supplied to the Expo 2020 terrain.

On Thursday 19th March, the winners of the NBC 2020 Awards will be announced in Dubai. All participants, organisers and interest parties will then gather to celebrate Dutch innovations at the NBC 2020 Gala in October 2020. The Boskalis Water Award would be a testimony to Holland Water’s mission of safe and sustainable water.

The Netherlands Business Council (NBC) is a network platform that promotes and generates business opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs in the Gulf through numerous activities. This year, the 35th world expo will take place in Dubai and for that reason the NBC has organised the NBC 2020 Awards where the link to the Expo 2020 is made by selecting water, energy and food as the award themes.