Holland Water main sponsor NVTG conference 2018

Laura Schotte Persbericht





For more information on the NVTG conference 5th April 2018 please click here.


Holland Water has been contracted as the main sponsor for the NVTG conference 2018. The Dutch Association for Technology in Health Care (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Technologie in de Gezondheidszorg (NVTG)) is organising the NVTG conference in Nijkerk, the Netherlands on Thursday 5th April 2018 around the current theme of Quality, Safety and Accountability with which institute members are confronted even more often and more intense. This theme seamlessly fits with what Holland Water has been preaching for years in the field of potable and cooling water. The company from Driebergen, the Netherlands is market leader in the field of combatting biofilm and Legionella in potable and cooling water and has firm national and international ambitions.

The NVTG consists of members whom are active in health care facilities but also has many other members such as consultants, contractors, installers, and suppliers whom are active in the field of health care. The majority of Holland Water’s installed systems are also operational at health chare facilities such as hospitals and residential care facilities. Aside from the Netherlands and Belgium, Holland Water also supplies her Bifipro® system via distributors to countries such as Italy, Poland and the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai for example, a number of very large systems have recently been supplied to the Dubai World Trade Centre and the Emirates’ catering firm. Additionally, Holland Water is extremely successful with her developed Bifipro® Cool system. This system ensures that chemicals no longer need to be employed in s0-called wet cooling towers. For years now the system is successfully applied to hospitals, food production companies and large airports. The Bifipro® Cool supplies the growing demand for environmentally friendly and efficient solutions for the prevention of biofilm and Legionella in cooling towers. Where the NVTG often takes on an exemplary role in the field of knowledge sharing and permanent education, Holland Water literally and figuratively tries to better the world with her unique and in the Netherlands developed systems. The Netherlands is also the forerunner in regards to the control of Legionella problems. Many countries could learn a lot from this and Holland Water can and wants to make her contribution.

Holland Water has found Huub Dubbelman, consultant for Mercedes-Benz, willing to give an interesting presentation at the conference on how they have given meaning and execution to the terms Quality, Safety and Accountability. There are noticeable similarities with the health care field where the focus lies on education and self-development. NVTG is launching the RTG, Mercedes-Benz has had an extensive educational programme for her employees for years now. The presentation shall provide an interesting insight into the way in which Mercedes manages to maintain her solid image in this matter. The conference will be concluded with a resounding drum performance by Gold Earring drummer, Cesar Zuiderwijk. Cesar is, aside from a virtuous musician, a keen Mercedes driver.

Piet Visser, NVTG board member says to be very pleased with Holland Water as the main sponsor “We are happy with Holland Water and have managed to connect a party to us who seeks the same norms and values as the NVTG. Holland Water has enabled us to provide added value to the meaning of the theme with Mercedes-Benz and Cesar Zuiderwijk.

For further information please contact
– Victor Pastoor, NVTG board member PR, Communication & Positioning, vpastoor@NVTG.nl
– Leo de Zeeuw, managing director Holland Water, leodezeeuw@hollandwater.com