Holland Water and Dutch Dubai; uniting forces at the Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 and beyond

Laura Schotte Nieuwsbericht

Once again, Holland Water and Dutch Dubai have found themselves united, this time at the Aquatech Amsterdam 2019. On the Holland Pavilion they are taking centre stage with Holland Water’s Bifipro® system as the connection between the two parties.

Holland Water’s sustainable water treatment technique will be applied to many locations at the Expo 2020 in Dubai, including seven metro stations. Dutch Dubai will be uniting water, energy and food at the Expo 2020, fitting the pavilion’s theme of sustainability.

The strong presence of these parties at exhibitions such as the Expo 2020, but also at the Aquatech Amsterdam, the WETEX, and many more are to serve the needs of water, energy and food in regions as the UAE. The UAE is set on becoming a region with sustainability at the forefront, and the Netherlands can provide the knowledge and expertise to make this dream a reality.

Both Holland Water and Dutch Dubai have taken on the export opportunities in the UAE. Leo de Zeeuw, Managing Director at Holland Water, explains how “the sky is the limit” during his radio interview with BNR’s The Big Five, last Monday. Click on below link to listen to the 1 hour interview with Leo.

BNR – The Big Five 04/11/2019: https://www.bnr.nl/player/archief/201911041002343240

Interested in knowing more about Holland Water and Dutch Dubai in the UAE region? You can visit us at the Aquatech Amsterdam until Friday or contact us on leodezeeuw@hollandwater.com.