Bifipro® in Belgium now also applicable to galvanised pipes

Laura Schotte Persbericht

Holland Water: ‘Now we can provide even more locations with safe water’

In Belgium it is now also permitted to employ the Bifipro® system by Holland Water for the prevention of biofilm and Legionella at locations where galvanised steel is used. Until now Holland Water’s approval in the Belgian market included a prohibition on this matter. Minister Jo Vandeurzen (Health, Welfare and Family) has now lifted this provision.

In the past, galvanised steel pipes were used a great deal in Belgium. That Holland Water’s Bifipro® system had no negative effect on this matter had already been frequently proven in practice. However, due to a passage in the Belgian approval the application of the system to buildings where galvanised steel is used, was actually limited.

Over the past fifteen years Holland Water has gained a lot of experience with the Bifipro® system in numerous different countries and time and time again it turned out that potentially present corrosion was not caused by the addition of the copper and silver ions. The contrary was often the case; the corrosion actually declined.

Together with a spin-off of the Catholic University Leuven (Belgium) and ‘KWA Bedrijfsadviseurs’ (the Netherlands) Holland Water has conducted a scientific study over the past two years on the phenomenon of corrosion under influence of the Bifipro®. From this research it became clear that there was no significant influence noticeable. The results from the research are summarised in a report that has been submitted to the Superior Health Council. A commission assembled especially for this has studied the results and unanimously endorsed the conclusions of the report.

Based on this, Minister Vandeurzen has removed the prohibition from the Ministerial Decree of 15th October 2014 on 12th September 2019. “This is unique”, says Leo de Zeeuw, managing director at Holland Water. “Never before in Belgian history has it happened that a prohibition from a Ministerial Decree has been removed.”

Aside from the fact that is a unique given, the decision primarily offers opportunities and possibilities for location owners whose pipe installation is partially or entirely made up of galvanised material. “After all, these are locations where biofilm and / or Legionella development often play a role. Iron often functions as an additional breeding-ground for bacteria”, according to De Zeeuw. “Furthermore, substances that increase the corrosion problem even further, also chemicals, are frequently employed at such locations.” Holland Water’s managing director is delighted with the minister’s measure. “We are proud to have accomplished this result and with this hope to provide even more locations in Belgium with safe water.”

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