Bifipro® Holland Water not harmful to galvanized pipes

Laura Schotte News item

METALogic, a spin-off from the Metallurgy Department and Applied Materials Science of the Catholic University Louvain, has carried out an extensive study commissioned by Holland Water covering the effects of the application of the Bifipro® (copper- and silver ionization) on corrosion of thermally galvanized pipes. Corrosion racks with corrosion coupons have been installed before and after the placement of the Bifipro® system in a Flemish hospital.

The results that have thus far been reported by METALogic are remarkable. After an exposure of two months, the unified corrosion velocities of the coupons before and after the Bifipro® do not vary significantly from one another. A local loss of zinc was observed on the coupons before the Bifipro® installation, which resulted in more evident corrosion. A more unified corrosion of the zinc layer was established on the coupons after the installation. This difference is likely due to the deposit reaction of silver on the zinc surface.

Based on these first tests, the placement of the Bifipro® appears to have more positive than negative effects on thermally galvanized pipes. Lengthier endurance tests, that have meanwhile been employed, should reveal if this experience will persist. It is evident that the application of the Bifipro® has no effect on copper and/or plastic pipes and this has been conclusively proven in practice over the past fourteen years.

Picture: The Holland Water lab with test facilities.