Our history

From soil remediation to water ionisation

Holland Water BV is a full daughter company of Holland Environment Group BV. Since 1985, this group has been developing solutions for the purifying of contaminated soil and ground water with techniques such as electro-reclamation and electro-bio-reclamation, in which contaminated soil and ground water are remediated with the help of electricity. These techniques were already sold to a few Japanese companies in 2007. Electricity can also prove effective in the purification of water.

In order to develop this technique even further, Holland Watertechnology BV was founded in 2003. In our very own laboratory we then developed the Bifipro® system. With the application of copper- silver ionisation, biofilm can no longer develop in pipes and reservoirs. The Legionella bacterium then no longer has its breeding ground to grow and therefore disappears. In 2013 Holland Watertechnology changed her name to Holland Water. A successful company that is now market leader in the field of copper- silver ionisation in potable and cooling water.


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