Bifipro Control Module

BIFIPRO® eliminates the Legionella bacteria and biofilm from watersystems. BIFIPRO® uses copper-silver ionisation and our patented technologies to ensure that minimal concentrations of copper and silver in the drinkingwater effectively remove the Legionella bacteria.

BIFIPRO® is used in watersystems at hospitals, nursinghomes, hotels, government buildings (such as penitentiary institutions and barracks), and in sauna, spa and wellness centers.


  • eliminates Legionella, guaranteed
  • saves money and time, and frees up your employees so that they can take care of your customers or patients
  • is environmentally friendly and sustainable

CTGB Approval

Our BIFIPRO® equipment is currently being approved by the Dutch College voor de Toelating Gewasbeschermingsmiddelen en Biociden (CTGB). This college determines what additives or biocides may be added to drinking water. It evaluates our equipment on effectiveness, and side effects to health and the environment.

Our equipment limits the quantities of copper and silver ions added to drinking water to the absolute minimum at which effective elimination of legionella is guaranteed:

  • We add less copper and silver than is present in the average bottle of mineral water;
  • copper waterpipes typically add more copper to drinkingwater than BIFIPRO®, and our equipment adjusts the copper release accordingly;
  • if you use silver cutlery you swallow more silver than BIFIPRO® adds to the drinkingwater.